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Thread: Ticket #1389056 (Please help)

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    Ticket #1389056 (Please help)

    Oh gm Legends,

    So i thought i used all my boosters but i didn't. I actually have them sitting in my inventory (character is not level 40). Long story short I re rolled characters (Only been playing for a week). I didn't know what they were worth which seems to be a lot. I switched servers to play with friends because & now i have no access to the boosters. Is there anyway I can have them transferred to my character Scamander From my other one named Xenios. It is keeping me from being able to do what I need in the game.

    I attached photos.

    Response i got.


    We understand your frustration regarding the ArchePass Booster Compensation and have made the development team aware of this situation. However, as the issue itself is outside the scope of Customer Support we are unable to assist you directly.

    You will not hear back from us through this message-thread regarding this topic, as the development team weighs in on many different suggestions and cannot reply to each one individually. Instead, keep your eyes on the forums for updates where you may see the result of your suggestion.

    For future updates regarding the ArchePass and for investigating the possibility of further compensation, you can view the ArcheAge forums or submit feedback directly to our development team:


    We shall proceed to close this ticket due to the aforementioned inability to assist further, however please remember that you can re-open this request at any time in the future. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind Regards,
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