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Thread: Red Farm Freighter RGB color?

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    Red Farm Freighter RGB color?

    Does anyone happen to know the RGB colors for the dye ticket to match the red farm freighter? I didn't realize the Chroma option was a one way trip, and I like the color of the normal freighter.


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    Junior Member Deja's Avatar
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    Same thing happened to me. Tried many colors, but could't get the same look back because there's a layer of grime on the original which is not present on the chroma version. The closest I could get was R:68, G:13, B:13. Not the exact same color, a bit darker than the original but it's the one that reminds me the old one.

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    Thanks for sharing! It's definitely close enough. I've seen so many hideous (IMHO) florescent purple tractors and the like.. ugh.

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    You can always go for a dark red, rusted, brown color :P And generally, any blackish that isn't pure black and not too saturated will work fine, without hurting your eyes.
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