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Thread: Cargo Ship

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    Cargo Ship

    So How is it that the suppose "safe" way to travel throw austera to two crowns is being exploited by not only pushing ppl with ship sails but with a new and hilarious way of using night rift harpoons to knock players from the ladders.
    I mean whats the point of this system if its failing everywhere you look?
    Ship can only take like 10 guys max and even the sits are somehow bugged cuz some just take 1 and not 2 players.
    Might aswell remove the captions protection ticket

    Gamigo what is your stand on this??

    Want a simple solution for this ? Make the ship blow anything it touches.

    Edit: It looks like not even the sits are safe lool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azores View Post
    Gamigo what is your stand on this??
    Commented on many times, it's working as intended, it's not a bug etc etc. There are many loooong threads on it.
    I've started to support global warming in the hope that it will melt all the snowflakes...

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