Happy Monday everyone!

We have an update for those of you who are eagerly awaiting your second claim of your pre-order and post-launch Unchained Packs!

There are a number of reasons that we're allowing a second claim of these pack items, such as claiming the packs on the wrong character, or moving to a different server to avoid launch congestion.

Players who have bought either the pre-order or post-launch packs between the initial release of the packs and up until Friday the 17th will be flagged to receive an additional claim of the one time character specific items for each type of pack.

Whether bought via Steam or via the Glyph Store, these items can be claimed from the account page here: http://bit.ly/AAUPackClaim

Simply sign in and select the 0 credit purchase, then choose the character you want to re-claim it on.

These claims will be added to eligible accounts starting as early as 1/20.

Due to the number of accounts being flagged, it may take a few days for all eligible accounts to show the claim. If you are not seeing the claim on your account by 1/22, we recommend reaching out to support.