Sigh, when WHEN will you stop messing this up? More ArchePass Boosters arent going to help me, i still have one i cant use. Managed to finish one pass, used a booster on two but then the basic became unaccessable even though i hadnt finished it. Its STILL unaccessable. So Ive got one booster now, thats going to expire because the archepass is broken again! So how, when, are you going to fix that? People cant use the ArchePass Booster's they already have because the basic pass became unresponsive once you finished the other three. So what, now we find out our third booster is no good now? Because the basic stopped working and youre going to expire then for season two? Wonderful, great job... Dont care about the basic pass because theres no real money attached to it like the other three passes?