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Thread: Need a few tips for begginer

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    Need a few tips for begginer

    Im new in this game, but i have read many post here and need confirmation. Im trying to try my strength as healer, should make charakter class vitality or start as archer and later switch to vitality. Archer propably will be easier to killing mobs, if i do like this and lvl as archer i will lose somthing as healer? Thanks for help

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    Levelling as a healer [early game]

    Taking a damage class initially, then changing to healer later, is a good idea if you are levelling solo. You can change combat skills by visiting a Nui shrine or Skill Manager npc after you levelled a bit, in ArcheAge you are not locked into any class. But there are some things to consider:

    1. Type of combat you prefer (caster class is mostly standing still to cast, archer is all about mobility)
    2. Your fps/ping (need good speeds for archer if you want to pvp, fine for PvE though).
    3. Gear type. You will have to choose a certain gear type for your story quest rewards (below level 50) and it is a bit of work, though not impossible, to change to a different type later.

    Most healers take either cloth (weak to physical damage) or plate (weak to magic damage), archers tend to take leather (sort of weak to both, the idea being not to get hit).

    Tips for starting out:
    - If you find you are getting hit a lot you may want to take a left hand shield, plus take defence as a starting skill while levelling (you can change it later).
    - As a healer you will ultimately need a club for its healing power boost - either a 2H greatclub, or a 1H club + shield - but you may also want a scepter to swap to when you start levelling as a healer, for its magic damage boost.
    - Apart from that, except for a few skills that specifically use your offhand weapon, like shield bash (defence) and a couple of Swiftblade skills, your offhand weapon has no function except as a stat stick, so don't get worry too much about what to choose. If you read old guides you will hear about different weapon 'passives', not a thing anymore.

    Hope this helps you.

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    All type of armor set will have buff after have 4+ piece equiping, it + much HP and mana.
    (such as equiping 5 piece celestial cloth armor , max HP+4765, max Mana+4765. more same type, buff effect more)
    Green quest gear can keep upgrade to hiram gear.
    Can buy the green quest infusion and scroll from general merchant. weapons from weapons merchant. armor from armor merchant.
    My English not good, so sorry if you feel bad for my words

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