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Thread: What are the rules of the game for?

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    What are the rules of the game for?

    There is a rule that says anyone who takes advantage of a bug will be permanently banned
    but then I see people pulling the boat with the harpoon day and day they also continue playing
    and they are taking advantage of the bug of the harpoon, of clipper despite the fact that people wear protection from the captain, when are you going to ban those people who are breaking the rules?
    So what are they for, the rules if they don't meet then?

    Finally, as a saying goes, the rules are here to be broken by what I see is no exception is the same

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    Already tagged Carendash on their discord about that and I got 0 response. Just like I posted here on this forum and still got 0 response.

    As some said it before "exploit hard exploit earlier"

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