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Thread: Archepass XP bug (again)

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    Exclamation Archepass XP bug (again)

    The old bug is still not fixed. I have now completed 12/12 quests for this week and I am at pass rank 12 instead of 15. Thanks to accidentally double-completed quests where only one of two gives XP and both count against the cap. Another was an XP quest that finished while in Fall of Hiram -> no XP again due to instance. Still counted against the weekly cap.

    Week 1 and already behind again... feels bad.

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    I got to do 4 or 5 quests and it locked me out - claiming I had completed 12 - ( and NO, I did not do anything on any other Archepasses)


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    ye for some of us its totally broken.


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    I'm currently 12/12 for missions, but only unlocked to the 10th tier of the archepass. This is all while others mentioned getting to tier 15 after completing all 12 weekly missions. I also got credit for the "Kill 10 hostile players" in Halcy, but I re-rolled that quest to a vocation mission before entering Halcy. Something is seriously wrong with how the current archepass works.

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