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Thread: Adventurer Evenstone issue

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    Adventurer Evenstone issue

    I want to breakdown my arcane hiram guardian armor so I can switch armor types. But the adventurer evenstone is grayed out for all those armor pieces. I cant find anywhere that says you can only breakdown to a certain level of armor or there is something Im just not understanding. Any help would be appreciated.

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    But it's not an adventurer armor anymore but a hiram guardian armor.

    Adventurer T1 -> Adventurer T2 -> Adventurer T3 -> Hiram T1 -> Hiram T2 -> Hiram T3 -> Hiram T4

    Since there are no Rank 3 scrolls (Adventurer T3 -> Hiram T1) outside of the questline you cannot get any additional scrolls to fix your mistake.
    However, if you went for a 2h weapon, you should still have an additional scroll.

    Did you already awaken all items to hiram?

    You also get 7 special hiram armor items when you do the hiram quests 10 times. Those have random stats but they let you choose the item. You could try your luck to get the item you need that way.
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    After lv50+, you can loot or done Achievements to get hiram gear.
    1)Loot (random hiram gears): [Abyssal Legion] army in diamond shoes(like the region period have affect) , calmland, nuimari, Marcala, Heedmar

    2)Achievements: (Achievement> General>Adventure>Quest>>>Masterful Voluntary Hiram Guardian)
    (will get select-able hiram gears at 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th done the quest)
    ...sure---diamond shoes 50kill, sungold 50kills, exeloch 50kills
    ...not sure--ehm, whm
    people always done together in some event like cr, gr, bunker

    at jan 2020, the green quest infusion and scroll can buy from General Merchant, but no scroll rank3
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