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    Question @PC_NAME(0) - Character name in quests issue

    Hi! I just bought the game and I'm loving it so far.
    There's this issue however that I would like to report.
    I'm not sure if this is a duplicate post but please fix the @PC_NAME(0) issue where the character name doesn't display correctly in quests (see attached).
    I know this may seem like a low priority issue but I have a few friends who also complained that it hurts the game immersion to some degree.

    If there is a fixed planned, please let me know if there is an ETA.

    Thank you,

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    Heya Lans,

    Thank you for reporting the @PC_NAME(0) issue.
    The issue has been reported and forwarded to XL already.
    We'll let you know once there is a fix for it.

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