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Thread: Need Prayers

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    Unhappy Need Prayers

    Hey AA Community,

    Just putting this out there and wanting prayers for my mom who is a long time AA Fan n Player of 6.5 years. My mom took a turn for the worst and I know a lot of you might have not known about my mom as she has been very sick lately and it kills me and my sister but I know she would want me to tell all her friends that she loves you all.

    I played AA a few times with my mom and my sister and we loved it. I know I will continue off and on and will hope that my mom can return to play AA with me soon. My mom taught me a lot about gaming over the years and I am glad to have learned from the best. And yes I know my mom will kill me when I show her this post and she see's I snapped a picture of her in the worst times but she is my mom and I love her to the moon and back.

    Get Well Soon Mom!!!

    Hope you all have a good day and please pray for my mom.

    my mom was AKA Spree/AdraMarie/Alsia from Ezi server.

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    I sincerely wish she will come back to play AA with us. Although our servers are different.

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    Hello Jccen, I have returned from being in a bad situation but atm I am not playing AA as that was a really bad time for me and I cant deal with it. AA is what drove me to the hospital but that was in the past and time for me to move forward. Maybe someday I will return but not atm. Are you still on Ezi Jccen??

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    I play AAU, i will gladly pray for ur mom and i am certain she will forgive u for the pic, she's ur mom she will forgive u anything because she loves u, its terrifying when some1 we love is so ill, my heart goes out to u every1 that this is happening too, because it's something that touches us all, i know 1 thing, ur mom is proud of u and ur sister, so we keep hoping and praying to protect others and do what our government tells us to do and more to hope we can protect us all, because we all need to help each other.

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    All the best!

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    I wish you all well and hope your mother has a speedy recovery. I am a mom and my daughter plays on a different server than I do.
    Ode ~ Cute little dwarf on the Jergant server. | Alt: Jejune

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