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Thread: Questions by a new player

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    Questions by a new player

    The game tells me I cannot use the forums until I have a level 15 character. I have two over level 40. What's wrong?

    How do you report people in this game? There is no in-game ticket system except for spam.

    If you want player feedback, I need these questions answered first.

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    Take it as it is - there are no support in current state of game. Here many bugs, hakz, exploits that isn't fixed by months.

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    Report suspicious user

    To report someone you suspect of hacking in-game:

    1.Right click their health bar, stroll down the context menu to 'Report suspicious user'
    2. Fill in the report
    3. Click submit.

    It is not directly monitored by humans but if there are enough reports the character will be flagged.

    But.. generally Daymio is right, Gamigo's staffing levels are 'lean' at best though so don't expect quick action. eg gold-sellers macro-spamming in Mirage Isle for months and months, reported numerous times with no action.

    It seems they only take action for economy-threatening issues like major exploits.

    If you really want someone to take notice, it helps if you take video evidence and submit a ticket separately.

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