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Thread: Logged out with trade pack and died While offline?

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    Logged out with trade pack and died While offline?

    Hello everybody I'm completely new to archeage trying to learn how to play with very little help and no online tutorials.

    I've recently started clippering cargo packs. The other night I logged out"Completly closed the game" with a trade pack on my back but I was right next to to the cargo seller with nui's protection. When I logged back in 20 minutes later I reshaped at the temple as if I had died and had no cargo pack.

    So my question is, if you log out or close your game does it automatically kill you when u have a trade pack on your pack? Or does the game keep your character in the world after you log out allowing other players to push you out of the safe zone and kill you even though your not logged in?

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    It depends:
    • If you are logging back to the character selection screen your character remains in the game briefly - typically 10-20 seconds, not long enough for you to be pushed out of the safe zone.
    • If you have summoned vehicle or ship present, you remain in the game for 10 minutes but there is a message informing you of this.
    • If you disconnect or just close the client or something, you can sometimes remain in the game for up to a couple of minutes.

    For this reason, it's best to use 'Select Character' not 'Close Game' to exit.

    By the way, there are a ton of good tutorials - check out Archeage 101 2019 or Archeage Unchained 101 playlist on youtube, for example

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