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    I become very sad when I see your "blog" posts about the event content only to find out it's for the Legacy version.
    I am referring to the elephant mount.
    You provide said mount to both subscription-paying and non-subscription-paying players, as of my understandment- Legacy elephant mount can be bought with Loyalty and for regular Credits.
    So why can't we on Unchained also have that mount? I can see it would be considered a pay-to-win by economically disadvantaged players- so why not let us earn it through event coins or similar? Consider this for the oncoming easter event.
    I wish to also suggest that you clarify in your blog so there is no doubt on to what is meant for Legacy and what is meant for Unchained.

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    Its the second "gifts" you give to us, and as usual im very disapointed...a fishboat? really? Have you noticed the number of people who already have a fishing boat?
    I can understand the car, because its a real huge investments and and taste the car isnt so bad (i have my own car) but it rekt the economy line.
    Now you give us a fishboat...i wont speak about every people who already have one (i have one) but it feel like a scam...because we are many to have one so we CANT or we DONT NEED a fishboat...
    The loot pots...WHAT A SCAM OMG!!! We already can CRAFT THIS!!! Have you think about people who TRY TO PLAY THE GAME??? Those people wanna make money with trade, craft, buy and sell, what will happen if every weeks you put as a "gift" our goods?
    We will just leave the game because you fired every good things who are in game.

    Sorry for my bad english...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zendrett View Post
    How about a universal event token? Claim it and choose which event you would like to apply it to, to get that token. For all that have missed an event goal by a few tokens for whatever reason.
    I agree with this, festival events should have a singe festival token that can be used for exchange during any festival. if you miss a few days during a current festival, your chances of getting that item you were hoping for is basically ruined and now you are stuck picking other rewards and possibly even having left over tokens...

    or even being able to exchange them for gold would be nice. but yeah, universal festival coin would be awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmo View Post
    Hello all!

    For a limited time on a 2 week rotation we will be granting free gifts of various kinds to the lovely players of ArcheAge and we'd love to hear your suggestions for future gifts!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nao View Post
    Crest Brainstorms would be neat. Or other UCC stuff.
    more brainstorms would be awesome!
    Quote Originally Posted by enyra View Post
    that is very nice but what about legacy?
    legacy already gets a lot of cool things that unchained does not, if you want to play legacy, go play that instead.
    Quote Originally Posted by LLegion View Post
    Auto loot power stones plz
    auto loot would be nice! "go fetch doggy" how about a mini siege tank pet. (oh speaking about that, siege weapons you buy with gilda cant be used during the siege events? wtf is the point of them then...)
    Quote Originally Posted by Breakfly1 View Post
    Serendipity stones / awakening scrolls =D
    awakening scrolls! hell yeah, we could always use more of these.
    Quote Originally Posted by PYZ View Post
    This game has turned inta a fckn job. Remove dailies and let people actuslly enjoy the game!
    RiP, no one says you have to do every daily everyday... feels bad bro, im still having a blast.
    Quote Originally Posted by frostyfeet View Post
    car is great for the 15 days <3 love it
    agreed! more free trials with all things archeage! it would be nice to get a first hand experience with something that's difficult to craft before you decide to craft it. things like the sub ( I mean, who would of thought getting on a sub wouldn't allow you to breath underwater..

    but yeah, otherwise, more potions, gilda, hereafter stone and food stuffs would be awesome as well. the kind of things we used to get a lot of as we did our beginner quests..

    best gift would be a fix to the labor pool, currently it is trash.. "best reward in the game but you cant even play the game to use it...." no you have to sit their and prevent yourself from going afk, lol... is madness (or cheat, wtf)

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    Ye agreed the labour pool is trash i'm always running out of labour and that's on 3 accounts lel, i am still in disbelief there's no auto loot in the game most annoying frustrating thing ever, why? just why? pls can i have a power stone for that amazingly expensive diligence coin pet i already bought lel preferably before crona virus hits us all.

    as for free trials of stuff can't complain over any of it really, its free and very nice thank you.

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    How about finishing this "limited event" with a week of synthesis event? Same as you had over christmas. (Wich a buch of people count rly benefit from since they wasn´t home over the holydays)

    Would love to be able to catch up a bit in the gear race!

    (and no unnessecary comments pls, even if the top players gear up more it´s still a diffrence fighting as an 8k against 11k vs. with the synthesis event 10k against 13k. Since the event is aimed towards players that has lower gear they will be able to push it up quite a bit vs the harcore players that still have a hefty cost on upgrading.)

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    Give seredipity stones to people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dont be a greedy.
    Already was given in 3rd part gfts.

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    Damn I missed out,I would have loved the 15 day car
    Previously Darknmystical kyrios elf/ Currently DarkElena Wynn elf

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    The only thing what we need is change the EVENT TIMERS you destroying guilds and community with that pls XL GAMES give a feedback to GAMIGO no one of the normal working peoples can join this late events who starting at 23.30 and end at 4.00 hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    55 Healer

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