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    Quote Originally Posted by Kosman View Post
    Ditto - Chrome is working. Clear cache/history/etc... and make sure you have all updates and it should work.

    My point to bring up is regarding the alts that are ruining the events. Halci usually has 20+ afk alts and the vote to remove is easy to reject with just a few guild mates if not people that typically just always vote no. You see the AFK alts at Aegis, Whalesong, CR and GR also.

    Regarding the rule of only two accounts per household, this is a joke. I see daily groups of players (4 being the lowest and as many as 8), all belonging to the same in game family, all wearing the same costume, all with names that are just a few letters different or related in some manner, and most are right at 4K GS so they can also be taken into the events to go afk. If you want a way to catch this, just stand around the cargo ship area as about every one has a group like this.

    I am OK with this, but let us know this is allowed. If not, do something about it instead allowing the rest of us that chose to follow the rules to fall behind. This affects the amount of honor in our pool for gem purchases, less gold due to the amount of Onyx we get to use/sell, and the previously mentioned events that are often affected.
    Slight problem with this is, since the game is known pretty much as "alt-age" the common misconception is that a new player whether they came from Legacy or just jumped right into Unchained, like myself (been playing unchained for roughly 4 or 5 days after quitting legacy cause ded game now) is often mistaken for an alt as well. They can't just see a random 4k gs player and boot them, that'd start an uproar. On another note, all names being the same/similar/related in some way, although you aren't wrong to assume them the same person or alts, could be a group of friends playing together. People will troll with similar/same/related names like that, just look at some of the HIDEOUS character models that people create. There's always a "behind the scenes" for everything, and without knowing 100% of the details it's hard to say what's what. I've been mistaken as an alt, but really I'm just a new player to unchained, who's still just a lowly 4k. I use any alts I have one at a time though, so you'll never see me twice in one spot. Also, if 2 people live in the same house together, it's not fair for them to not be allowed to have an extra alt, while people who live single are allowed to have another alt as well. Which is probably why they don't do much about it, that or the other 99% probability.... they just don't care.
    It is gamigo after all.

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    Funny. I didn't see "Free Archepass Booster" in your fix list to compensate the rest of us who have to watch all these people running around with one pass fully boosted due to glitch. Seen someone with the Hot Air Balloon magihopter like 4 days ago. Kind of bogus. And it's not their fault really. So yeah. We're all waiting for our free [Archepass Booster]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Venatin View Post
    it is currently 5:29 pst why are the servers down? do you guys not know how to count or will they be back up at 8:00 pst?
    Shutting them and restarting and during maintenance anything happen. Sometime the really don't know what they face so it effect restart of the server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanlito View Post
    Shutting them and restarting and during maintenance anything happen. Sometime the really don't know what they face so it effect restart of the server.
    Right, this person is asking why the server never goes down or comes back up at the appropriate time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by general View Post
    Cosmo, I bought mad steambike design long time ago since we found out it doesnt work, after this patch this same design still doesnt work it seems you guys put a "new" design or code for the one that gilda merc sells right now, but the old one still doenst work
    This seems to be a common practice in the coding that XL typically puts out. Honestly not shocked

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    hour 5.95, addiction is much strong. must have aau back. pls help. send cookies

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    it's hilarious how much time they need for a basic maintenance.
    But this has been always the same, just watch a movie man

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    Skywhisper glider

    Please fix the skywhisper glider, too. It can't be made because of a missing special propeller. How many craft items are broken in this game?

    Difficult to believe that Archeage has been live for many years, and yet there are so many issues with the AAU version.

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    3. Can't log on to this forum on chrome, have to get on internet explorer.
    4. Any consistent fix to server lag spikes?
    5. Ban gold buyers when?[/QUOTE]

    # 3 You may want to check your version of Chrome. I use Version 80.0.3987.87 (Official Build) works fine for me. I also use firefox,and IE, Never had any trouble signing in.
    #4 As the fix for lag spike? I don't seen much I know most the time others blame the game sometimes not. I know without your pc spec and assurance your pc is clean getting rid of like spike spikes may not be easy. Make sure your PC clean from spyware malwarebytes free is good but use at your own risk I never had any trouble with it.

    #5 Ban gold buyers? They do sellers. Not for sure if you typo buyer for seller but how do you know someone is buying it? They are really no way you could 100% know this or prove it. If you report someone and they are not getting ban then maybe you just assumed wrong.

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    Hello everyone,
    We are extending the ArcheAge: Unchained NA maintenance by one hour. We apologize for the inconvenience and will let you know once it's online!

    Thank you,
    ~The ArcheAge Team

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