to submit for help. There is nothing on help page for AAU, you go there and it says to click a non-existent link.

After researching this on the web, it seems this is a know bug. I applied the purchased pack from my library, nothing. I purchased some credits to see if that if my account is active, of course they happy added that to my account. I bought the 30$ pack, not only is there no Patron applied but my expansion scroll also did not show up.

I played on the original for years, so I thought WTH, lets give the game another try. So far I am not impressed by any of it. You can not get a farm till Lvl50.. WTF. You can't get a farm cart until Lvl30... again WTF. and what they did to the fire logs and actually, everything else that was good about the game.

They moved everything to endgame for no other reason than to make you grind. Again when I played you got your 8x8 at lvl 12, by lvl 16 you had your 16x16, and you could build farm cart. Everything on the AH was 25% of what I have seen. And there is so much more that they have messed up because, crafting actually meant something, you could start crafting at lvl10.

If you actually read the new policies, they know you have to buy multiple accounts, no I am not talking about supporting an alt, I am talking about trying different skill sets and races, making and trying out the races. There are 6 races with 2 genders, back then you could make 6 avatars to see what the racial traits did. Here you are stuck to just two, which means that unless you buy another account you can find out or try out the other four races you didn't pick. I pity the new players that will never have a chance to try the race/class combinations we had.

Anyway, again can some one give me an actual link to submit this several year old bug. After seeing what they have done top the game, I am no longer surprised that they have not fixed the issue.