I am from the service Tyrenos
being honest I never saw a server, more toxic than this they only play to hurt, not to have fun
I think it will take me about 3 months to play at Unchained, I wanted to prove it to a lot more people, I would pay more to play, in the aspect of pvp, and have a good time because in Aria as Kadium they are practically dead

Toxic, I say it for 2 things, people are greedy, they inflate the prices of 15g, 20g rises at night to the morning, they put absurd prices as the servers Aria and Kadium realize that you do not generate the same gold those servers but that they are doing damage blocking the ladder of the ship or when you arrive alone the stairs to climb to deliver quest Onyx with trades

I don't know how the other servers will be but this is my experience with Tyrenos they seem childish doing what they do

I hope with the issue of commerce, that the house merges with the other servers, this will frighten the people, again as they did in the others with the Apex