Twice i had fallen through the land to end up in the water 10 ft or more below the land when crossing the bridge from hellswamp to halcyona. I was carrying a trade pack each time first was a gilda pack the second was a larder. The first i had tradepack gilda pack from ahinmar was riding donkey and decided to have donkey hop on hackney to make trip faster through halcy. The second time and most recent happened around 1:26am est feb 9 a friend was driving a freighter i was standing on the sprinkler getting a ride and as soon as we go over same bridge i fall into the water. the first time i tried using escape but drowned before i could do it as it took over 1000 seconds, the second time i tried logging in a nd out that did not work so i tried to swim for the ocean and drowned before i got there
. I would like this bug fixed and if possible compensation for the packs