Plushie to Trade on Unchained - Denistrious Sever - Nuia Faction

I am looking for Sandmane, Snowmane or Coalmane Snowlion Plushie
Its for the BSB quest line for the little girl in Marianople gives.

I have in stock to trade at this time

Green Elk Plushie
Pink Elk Plushie
Purple Elk Plushie
Striped Yata Plushie

you can mail Sable in game on the "Unchained" Denistrious Sever or leave a message for me on the my Archeage Unchained Trading channel on my Discord @

Sorry if posted in wrong area, it would not allow me to post anything in the Unchained forums, kept telling me I needed to have a 15 Char or higher, all my toons are 40+