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Thread: Item deleted after entering Abyssal Library Dungeon

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    Unhappy Item deleted after entering Abyssal Library Dungeon

    After entering the Abyssal Library Dungeon with our 5man party,

    but before being auto-partied,

    I went to equip my Moon shadow Glider and it disappeared.

    This is the second item of mine i've had disappear...the other being a costume in the exact same situation.

    Is there any known way to get these items back other than submitting a ticket?


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    Check your warehouse, please.
    I know it may sound stupid, but I've met quite a few people who said they were missing their glider/wings at some point and it was in the warehouse without them remembering to have put it there. Check any other place you could have put it as well (glider chest in your inventory, otherworld storage chest).
    If it really is gone you'll need to go through the support.
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    Thank you for your response,

    I re-checked my Warehouse, Otherworld Storage Chest, Flutter Vessel Storage Chest and even the general merchant since it can vendored...but alas could not find it :/

    I did play back in legacy for awhile and do not remember items both equipped and in a players bag being so buggy.

    Most folks know about pets and mounts being spawned while joining an instance like halcy might result in them being unable to use them.

    Even far less impactful bugs such as attempting to redeem a prestige honor medallion item while joining an instance sometimes results in the item being "grayed" out and denies players the ability to move them around in a players bag.

    I do wonder if my glider and costume disappearing has something to do with me interacting with items in my bag and inventory while in the "window" in which players load into an instance and get auto partied.

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