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Thread: Sheep pens n RNG AAU, sighs

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    Thumbs up Sheep pens n RNG AAU, sighs

    wat is this , collapsed collapsed brand new pens lel, broken diseased, cost 10 medic potions that's like over a 10 gold or nearly the price of the pen to treat a diseased pen, i've had loads collapse wat a waste of time in the long run and gold, so no once the pens i have are gone that's it, very bad value and worst more awful rng, absolutely no point to having pens that's totally obvious.

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    i agree, the rngesus is a vindictive bastard when it comes to the pens. its not horrendeous, but still a bit much.

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    The number of animal deaths and sickness increased dramatically over the past couple of weeks. Also dying fruit trees. What's up with that, devs? Please turn the heat back down, this is costing way too much.

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    It's getting worse! Pens collapsing and becoming diseased and multiple trees dying every day is costing too much. Devs, plz do something.

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    not sure but i think u have to harvest them every 6 or 7 hr. if u dont they brake

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