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    Gamigo, go to f@скing out . GM intervenes in gameplay

    1:15 in Video. Server Halnaak. Today 14-02-2020 in 16:50 GMT+0.



    GM with Nickname [Gamigo Cosmo] intervenes in gameplay . He killed me & my wagon & write in chat that "don't block NPC".
    crying noobes wrote to tech support that them were offended in the game using only game methods and this body decided to help them.

    Block NPC with technique - this is only game methods !

    Who is he? F@скing Santa Claus?

    great situation. I leave your f@скing project. And I will talk about this at a major Russian-speaking unofficial gaming forum. So that everyone leaves you, except people playing "houses" and "costumes" & Rmt, they will be good here.

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    And you blocked the npc so it's legit (don't rage too much but it shows that you did it on purpose)

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    Senior Member Daymio's Avatar
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    Wow! Ingame GM is alive?! Exploiter even get to the forum with a butthurt. It is a nice!

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    Junior Member Dmytro's Avatar
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    Good job GM

    And some sad russian cattle can go back to his stall...

    BTW, even in russian community this guy have no any support, but a lot of people (near 90% of all comments) write that they dreaming about such good GMs in russian servers So, WiFirouter, please, don't go back to EU.

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    Senior Member Turambaredolas's Avatar
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    Taris (Nuia); Alexander (Haranya)
    Well done :-)
    Please don't remove this thread from the forum. This is exactly the kind of message your community needs to see right now.

    What is he writing in the local chat?
    A child of song, a child of rage
    Abandoned in another age
    Now ancient hate and rhymes that bind
    Make paradise a tomb divine
    And demons trapped in beauty’s thrall
    Hunt those who heed the bloodsong’s call.

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    Junior Member Dmytro's Avatar
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    [QUOTE = Turambaredolas; 2782404]
    What is he writing in the local chat? [/ QUOTE]
    He wrote that he block NPCs more then 30 minutes and after that some users sent a request to support team. As a result GM stopped his actions.

    Just for understanding:
    On russian servers a lot of such users do the same. Russian GMs don't punished them because they don’t know how to do it. But, at the same time any Russian player can got permanent ban if wrote something bad about mail.ru or about GM or about community managers. There are so many russian players on EU servers exactly, because on russian servers a lot of RMT (who are protected by russian GMs) and of course a lot of players hate such situation but can't change it (so, EU servers was a solution for such ru-players). And it's really funny that some famous russian players come to EU, and leave EU-servers now because they can't buy/sold gold from/to RMT (maybe they can't play in another way at all? )

    P.S. This guy really post this video in different social medias (for example to famous russian public of user Matt, and to VictorHost's blog in VK), but only few people wrote that GM was wrong (and hundreds, that GM is really good guy)...

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    Senior Member Taikai's Avatar
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    Npc blocking is a fully bannable offense and has been since early days of legacy. Its stated somewhere in ToS or legal info. Complaining about having it enforced won't do you any good, and proves you probably deserved it.

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    hahaha serves you right! thank you for making that video. it brought me great pleasure seeing npc blockers get justice dealt to them! thank you, best video all day

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    Senior Member TattedSoul's Avatar
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    This is great! Thanks Cosmo.

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    So you commit a bannable offense and cry about not getting banned for it. Do I understand that correctly?

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