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Thread: I lost 6 thousand credit and Support does not respond to my ticket

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    I lost 6 thousand credit and Support does not respond to my ticket

    Wrong payment
    I wanted buy costume, but I replenished ArcheAge Legacy account, can I
    transfer crystals on AA Unchained account, becouse I don't play on Legacy D: ?
    Support does not respond to my ticket ((((

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    They some times help with this, but unfortunately theres so many silly tickets being put in so the queue to get yours read is about 2 months long. However, all those unserious gamers that is responsible for the majority of the backlog has quit the game, so this issue with ticket queues will likely ease up in the near future. I am sorry to say but you are most likely looking at a 2month waiting time.
    When/If you get a mail saying that "sorry for delay in responses, is this ticket still an issue?" simply respond yes and within days you will have it responded, it does NOT take another 2 months as some hurt/paranoid players claim.
    So rest assured, you will get a chance for help, but it will take time.

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    my ticket is open since first day of release and no answer mainstory stucked with one char in the first Zone. so no farms, no farmwagon quest, no eulina, no hiram ring etc etc etc. with my other Chars no Problem. you can wait 100 years and get no answer.

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