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Thread: some common sense

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    some common sense

    please let common sense prevail with upgrading hiram gear my weapon got to epic after failure after failure and crystallization the same with 4 attempts to awaken with 3 crystallizations s finally got a success and ended up with a epic weapon .Two attempts on a divine bit of armour so far 2 failures 2 crystallizations
    ok there a grind but to get kicked in the teeth so many times is demoralising to say the least.
    So with the weekly GIFT TO YOU give us something to help a bit

    PS I don't really think anyone going to take any notice just had to express my frustration

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    that depends on luck and day
    I had accumulated 500 scroll t4 I uploaded 3 pieces t4 and one piece I have accumulated 25%
    2 pieces I got a first wing t4 and the other second wing by logic is usually 25% 30% fence instead my weapon to raise it t4 accommodate 55% in failures

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