1) https://i.imgur.com/LqxUlvH.jpg
once crafted, if you notice it has 24 h so that you turn it into a cheese pack if you don't turn it into a cheese pack past 24h you lose Larder

2) https://i.imgur.com/CLvFy1p.jpg
here once turned into a cheese pack in principle, it could be delivered
but if you look at the photo, what is marked in red is -27%, that is, they would not pay it 29g it would be 21g to 20g
Now if you look at the time, put 24h also after that time leaving it, on the ground it would increase by + 3% you would not lose the pack after that time 24h

3) https://i.imgur.com/2ZGn7eG.jpg
In this photo you can see the pack that happened those 24 hours, it no longer has -27% but it increased + 3% the pack here I imagine they would already pay it 29g the cheese pack

Here I leave the table as it would be courtesy Guizmo https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...J-E/edit#gid=0