Hey Adventurers!

Here I am, a new CM joining the ArcheAge forces! My name is Shaixe, I can speak English, but also German and French. Before working on our amazing game, I was previously on Trove, Twin Saga and Eden Eternal. Iím more than happy to join a new community and a new style of game! Iíve played ArcheAge a little bit in the past, but I still have a lot to learn! 😊

3 random facts about me to get to know me:
  • Loki from the Marvel universe is my husband, please donít mess with him.
  • I love Pokemon more than anything in the world (Noivern and Espeon are my fav <3)
  • My first videogames (besides of Pokemon) were Spyro the Dragon and Sonic on Megadrive!

Iím really looking forward to talk with all of you and to be working with a team of ArcheAge experts who will be teaching me! Thatís gonna be fun!