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Thread: Archepass Mission Change Attempts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turambaredolas View Post
    It's a valid reaction when the reroll system behaves like this:

    That is your reaction when the system does not let you farm the simplest missions with your alters to finish the job faster.

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    You got me. :-/

    You are right, but for real.
    6 times 40 coinpurses on an undergeared character is not something I'd be willing to do.
    But that's my problem and not the game's.

    However it is the game's that the button says "change mission" and it doesn't do what it says.
    Even reroll attempts for gear never let you reroll the same stat again (anymore).
    Call it crying or whatever. It's actually talking about a buggy design or the wrong name of a button. And, what's more important, that nothing is done about it or even mentioned on this issue.
    You'd also want a fix when you buy the DLC but, for some reason, you can't access the Garden once it comes out. Or use the weapon swap option and be stuck with your second weapon without switching back, or whatever bug you may face at some point.

    PS: I have always wanted to ask. The archeage community usually uses the term "alts" or "twinks" and only a few selected people use "alters". Which community does it come from?
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    Your complaint is valid.

    Don't feed the troll.


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    Chiming in as this issue isn't limited to Archepass. It has been around for years, I think since improved houses with task jars were introduced, where it is perfectly possible to reroll the same damn thing 10x in a row.

    It appears XL recycled this mechanic for other situations where players are offered a choice of tasks: daily contracts in legacy Archeage, and now Archepass in AA:U. However, I can see absolutely no purpose for the RNG element, and it certainly does not enhance player enjoyment judging by all the 'DailyAge' complaints. It is even more of an issue on legacy, where ways of obtaining labour recharges are more restricted than in AA:U.

    Why on earth can't we just choose what we want to do from a list, without the RNG??? For example, if I am short of time or lower geared I may choose to kill 10 things in an easy zone, with less reward; if I enjoy dungeons and have more time, I might choose that option, with higher rewards. Is that really a problem?

    I am hoping if we make enough fuss, perhaps Gamigo will ask XL to change this.

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