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Thread: Which houses have daily Quests?

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    Which houses have daily Quests?

    Hey i have 1 main and 2 alts. 1 alt and my main have each a miner thatch farmhouse. the other alt has only a farm house, because i dont have enough labor to push 3 mining drills to jackpot.

    now with archepass on, i want another source for my 2. alt of getting blue salt quests like the ones from my mining farm houses. stones and worms are so easy. is there another way to get these quests? are there any lists which house give which quests? my gazebos and improves scarecrow didnt give quests..

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    Most upgraded houses have the quests. Just to be clear, the quests donít count as blue salt quests. They are still useful for the vocation point rewards though.

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