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Thread: Donkey & halcyona quest line(at version 5.5), story quest gear > hiram gear(at version 6.0)

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    Donkey & halcyona quest line(at version 5.5), story quest gear > hiram gear(at version 6.0)

    #2---change gear outlook

    ---halcyona bluesalt quest line awards---[13-10-2019version5.5]

    start---Lv30--at halcyona. solisa (green leaf icon)
    (don't drop or sell the mats until the parts done or you have gold to buy in auction or NPC)

    >>>after some quests,Alchemy parts start at halcyona CC, don't drop Alchemy mats---

    >[mushroom quest]> award(at halcy CC) >scarecrow garden design
    after this.......
    ==================== Donkey ==========================
    *>>>>>>>>>can do donkey quest in hero hall(green leaf icon)<<<<<<<<<<

    >award(at sanddeep Grenwolf)> Alchemy Expert's Secret ScrollX1(use if you have 30min / 1 hour(new player) free to play[only do bluesalt quest from here if you want leave more scroll])

    >>a quest in sanddeep, need 45VB point to buy lily seed
    >>enter the portal(red gate) at sanddeep CC to Rookborne of East island
    >need 10 gold in Rookborne CC(should got enough from quests before)

    ---Alchemy parts end at wind's south, Firenarl---

    ---the farm cart part to farm wagon---
    >award(at PR H.camp)>farm cart design
    >summon farm cart quest(you must summon a farm cart!!! can't summon wagon or hauler!!!!)
    >award(at PR CC)>16X16(Full kit Swept-Roof Cottage)
    >craft(near hasla CC)>brown hardwood bed
    >craft(near hasla CC)>crest wall Decor
    >award(near hasla CC)>Regal Alchemy table
    >award(at KR CC)>farm wagon design
    >craft>farm wagon(most part got in before quest)

    >award(at halcy, solisa)>Judar's Gift [2017 is Dawnsdrop set(7 Piece of clothes)]

    ====== Story quest gear (Green quest gear) ===========
    All type of armor set will have buff after have 4+ piece equiping, it + much HP and mana.
    (such as equiping 5 piece celestial cloth armor , max HP+4765, max Mana+4765. more same type, buff effect more)

    use green quest infusion to fill gears' exp, when gears' exp full can be awaking with scroll, can be awaking at Lv28>Lv40>Lv50

    Can buy the green quest infusion and scroll from general merchant. weapons from weapons merchant. armor from armor merchant.

    Green quest gear can keep upgrade to hiram gear(LV50+).

    ------------hiram gear-------
    After lv50+, you can loot or done Achievements to get hiram gear too.
    1)Loot (random hiram gears): [Abyssal Legion] army in diamond shoes(like the region period have affect) , calmland, nuimari, Marcala, Heedmar

    2)Achievements: (Achievement> General>Adventure>Quest>>>Masterful Voluntary Hiram Guardian)
    (will get select-able hiram gears at 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th done the quest)
    ...sure---diamond shoes 50kill, sungold 50kills, exeloch 50kills
    ...not sure--ehm, whm
    people always done the quests together in some event like cr, gr, bunker

    =========timber coupe V1==========
    can't load pack, only 1 pack of your own back(as a fast donkey). when turning, don't turn too large angle every press
    My English not good, so sorry if you feel bad for my words

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    gear outlook:
    if you like a gear's outlook, you can mix it with your using gear by imaging it with fusion alembic(from general Merchant) but will lost all the outlook gear's stage....and 40g a piece.
    -----outlook gear > imaging with fusion alembic< outlook gear (imaged) >fusion with using gear >using gear with outlook of outlook gear
    My English not good, so sorry if you feel bad for my words

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