Sigh..hello all, Salty mc Salt here, yea yea I know laugh lol (I see you Mak hiding around the corner!), but in a more of a serious tone, I've been thinking lately after I re-joined AA in general, what is the point of crystallization anymore? I mean yea I know the whole thing about "keeping your gear" but that was for Regrading, now a' days all the gear is crafted through "Awakening" or Synthesis and with Synthesis there is no destruction, crystallization etc.

I mean, boss gear and Hiram gear can be "un-crystalized" with a scroll, but why doesn't crafted gear apply to this scroll too? Granted when we first tested crystallization on PTS year or so ago I didn't like the new system at first, mostly because I felt Trion was just copying and pasting everything from the KR servers and not really listened to the community feedback half of the time (since back then they did do that a lot) but being regrading was still a thing back then I saw why crystallization was added and really it was a real life saver when it came to Delphinad etc.

However being is that since now there is Hiram and Erenor which is mostly synthesis, what is really the point of keeping crystallization for crafted gear? Even if there is a reason why doesn't crafted gear count towards the "de-crystalize scroll" for 10k Honor? And with this new "system" for crafted gear needing to be awakened like Hiram viva awakening scroll; which I really like btw, I find it a bit tedious having to start all over from Illustrious just trying to get an Ayanad-Erenor again if the piece of gear crystalizes forever. While boss gear and Hiram I can literally just use a scroll on and it and try again without having to start at T1 Hiram etc.

On PTS it's easy for most gear, however Erenor wise like the Greataxe, Greatsword etc, the ones that aren't sent viva mail, you would have to grind for, which I am perfectly fine with, makes it more exciting to get it and worth while. I'm more thinking material wise, because if you try to get to Divine and it fails becoming crystalize at Celestial, you would literally have to start from the beginning again. Even to Delphinad to Ayanad it costs 84 Archeum ingots as well as an Ayanad book (weapon, armor jewelry), and that's not cheap on PTS lol.

I mean, it's just a question really, more my question was why can't crafted gear be un-crystalized like the other set's of equipment, what's the reason behind it if there is at all? because I personally don't see a reason why crafted gear shouldn't be apart of that de-crystalized was one thing with Regrading back then, but now it just seems pointless to have it crystalize, idk maybe it's just me as always lol.