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What is wrong with you? If you don't care about theses bosses, don't suggest a timer, giving stupid timers won't help the game to get actives back.
Again, you missed my point... my first post was slightly sarcastic, demonstrating that it's not right to speak for everyone only for yourself, and those you know for sure share your opinion..

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Also if you have the big bosses up for 1 hour it will be kinda impossible for anyone (besides completly freefarm servers) to kill just one of them for example:
- Kraken takes around 20-30 min and if there is just one randomy guy who "abuse" the random aggro to get it permanent it's kinda not killable already
- Leviathan can also be denied with 1 person who spawns a ship infront of the enemy flet to crash them so they cant keep up anymore and the try is already denied + you need to wait till it's back in position so you can start again means you would just have one try to kill it per up-time anyways.
There are kinda equal mechanics for Black Dragon and Charybdis aswell.
That is actually kinda the point, having a limited but frequent window forces folk to choose.. and all those mechanics you talk of, are contesting the spawns...

Thinking out loud, spawn every 4 hours, up for 1 hour or until engaged, once engaged remains until 2 hours before the next spawn or 30 minutes after loosing all agro, re-engage re-sets the duration - or you could do every 8 hours, up for 2 hours or until engaged then 4 - less spawns, but longer available.

But these are complex mechanics which would take much longer to implement..