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    Just move the timers back 2 hours from where they are now. Even moving back 1 hour to start with would be something.

    Then at least during the summer its a reasonable time in the evening for Europeans to take part in the bigger events and bosses. Even when the times change again for the winter the times will still be ok for the majority of players. It would also allow a little more time to organise the timers properly for the player base.

    I am in the UK but i am up early so with the current times there is no point joining Abyssal at 22:30 because it just runs on too late. Its even worse for my EU friends who are +1 or +2 from this time. I am at the stage now where i log on in the evenings to do some dailies, etc but dont get to enjoy the server events that make the dailies worth while. The fun is slowly being drained from the game for me and at some point i will stop logging in and more important for Gamigo stop spending money on the game.

    Change the times now before you start losing more and more customers.

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    I would prefer that he puts them twice a day his will satisfy everyone who plays during the day is the others because I see the karkasse dragon which spawn at 10pm at my house knowing that in the evening I cannot play its makes the mission impossible to do
    Sory for my bad english i use google

    french player

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    Quote Originally Posted by LexxarLP View Post
    Since those timers will stay the same for summer aswell and yeah like Brutlex said most ppl are UTC +1 (+2 "soon")

    Charybdis: Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday - 20:00 UTC
    Kraken: Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday 19:00 UTC
    Leviathan: Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday 20:00 UTC
    Black Dragon: Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday - 21:00 UTC
    Golden Plains Battle: 11:00 - 12:00 / 19:30 - 21:00 UTC
    Fall of Hiram: --
    Red Dragon’s Keep: --
    Kadum: --
    Lusca Awakening: 19:00 UTC
    Abyssal Attack: 18:30 UTC
    Delphinad Ghost Ships: 20:00 UTC

    I think aswell, thats the perfect list of timers.
    In summer time, the current timer are WAY TO LATE. Ppl who work, cant join that, so you have to be either a no lifer to join that guild events or you just take the less sleep you get. which i really doubt, anyone would do that over weeks.

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