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    Pls do something about timers on NA side too!!!!
    You promised a forum thread for NA, till now we're still not seeing one.
    Seriously. What are you guys doing?

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    Hello! I am from Europe and I play on Halnaak.

    Here is my suggestion for Boss/Event timers :

    "Should you have a lot of feedback to give for each area, please consider listing each thing separately so it is easier for all of us to review it like so:

    Charybdis: 8pm UTC
    Kraken: 6pm-7pm UTC ( 1 hour despawn timer only )
    Leviathan: 7pm UTC
    Black Dragon: 7pm UTC
    Golden Plains Battle:11am-1pm and , 6pm-8pm ( 2 hour long time-windows ) UTC time
    Fall of Hiram:7am-12pm , 4pm-9pm ( 5 hour long time-windows ) UTC time
    Red Dragon’s Keep:1pm-2pm , 5pm-6pm , 11pm-12am ( 3x windows 1 hour long each ) UTC time
    Kadum:same as Red Dragon's Keep - 1pm-2pm , 5pm-6pm , 11pm-12am ( 3x windows 1 hour long each ) UTC time
    Lusca Awakening: 7.30pm UTC
    Abyssal Attack: 7pm-8pm UTC ( 1 hour long event, not 2 hours as its currently set )
    Delphinad Ghost Ships: 8pm UTC


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    The new timers are absolutely horrible.
    As a morning person with a full time job living in UTC+1 timezone i am usually in bed by 21:00 UTC time.
    This leaves ALL of the sea combat out of my reach.
    The old times were not perfect, but a hell of a lot better than the new ones.

    Why not make something like a repeating schedule of say 4 hours, rotated by 1 hour every day.
    This will means some events overlap, but that is a bonus as I see it. It gives people choices as to what they find most fun.
    This way everyone will have multiple chances to join an event daily and if it don't fit one day, it will the next one as it is rotated.
    So if red dragon on monday run at 18:00, it will run at 19:00 on tuesday, 20:00 on wedsnesday, 21:00 on Thursday to go back to 18:00 on friday.

    This will give people a chance to partipate in all events, not neccesarily every day and perhaps you can't do red dragon every day, but you can do it at least a few times a week no matter what timezone you have or how late you work.

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    You're killing the game with the new timers and the game is pretty dead already. I play in GMT +1 and now I have abyssal at 23:30. Luscas at midnight.

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    Same here... Can we at least get any UPDATE of INFO about this timers ??
    - Will you change them or leave it as it is ?
    - If yes ...then when we can expect that to happen ?

    Right now this game for most ppl is like PVE only....many ppl already left the game, you want even more to do that ?
    I really hope that you will finally answer.

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    Here with me the same, and with the change of time it gets worse ..... I can not understand ... that you do nothing about it and see how the players leave the game one by one ... If you leave the times that way for a long time ... you will lose a lot of players who will definitely not come back. Finally do something .... at least say when you intend to do something and what .....

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    Start everything 2 hours earlier and we are golden. Ppl have time to come home and we can get to bed before midnight

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    Hey, I am playing on Alexander and living in UTC+1,

    My guess is I will not ask for perfect timers that i want, perfect boss rotation etc, I think it will be a lot of works. But guys this new timer are the worst thing possible. I mean who want and can start playing at 23:30pm for big content ? It's for me quite obvious that it's just too late.

    Just put everything two hours earlier as a start ! And see for better improvement after if needed.


    I trust you guys; regards,

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    almost 1 month passed and still no even 1responce/// really/ you are doing from us a joke? a lot of players already have left and continued to because of that badly time changes.

    Very major of the player base are UTC 1-4 while even for UTC 0.

    Don't forget that Korea has only 1 TimeZone while we have 5-6 + 11 in RU (yes they have their own loc but many of them playing here )

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    Yeah, just fix it back.
    Its ♥♥♥♥♥♥ed to have Golden Plains almons midnight. And to have a choice this vs that.
    As a working man, and I think not only me, we would all agree, you cant catch up with this timing.
    So you will have students and kids playing these days on this events.
    Basically this would mean that if working guy cant get enough fun events and feels that other players have advantage, he would just leave the game.
    And if working people leave the game, where u gonna have $ from?
    Any reply from gms?

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