Hello all, Wraithhunter here, while testing out the new Pawesome event on PTS I've discovered that the area isn't in festival period meaning of course players can attack each other (however that's rarely a thing on here but still).

But I have also discovered at the event spot that the vendor to turn in the 2020 Pawesome event coins is missing. Of course you can go to Mirage and exchange it there however usually when there is an event going on, there will be a vendor at the location of the event. Those are the only 2 bugs so far, will update if I find more.

I've noticed there was no feedback thread for this patch in March, so figured to make a thread here about it. If anyone else has discovered bugs/problems relating to the Pawesome event or patch post here until a feedback thread gets created.

Update: I have found a new/old bug to where when you awaken cloaks (Epherium, Delphinad etc) it claims that there will be no crystallization upon failure, however when the failure happens the cloak crystalizes..I know the bottom says "Awakening failure can result in crystallization" however it more means towards Hiram since it mentions the Sacred Hiram awakening scroll.


3/11/20 update: After completing some of the Pawesome Autumn quests 5 times, I received x5 extra coins from achievements, however when you go looking for these achievements either in [General] & Seasonal/Events tabs, they are no where to be found, it seems non of the Pawesome achievements are showing for some reason, unless they are purposely hidden. For now it seems like a bug.