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Thread: @ DEVS/Gamigo/XLGames :Professions made irrelevant and useless in unchained

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    @ DEVS/Gamigo/XLGames :Professions made irrelevant and useless in unchained

    Crafting professions have been gutted by the implementation of the Hiram Infusion system. At launch of AAU it may have felt like whatever professions you decided to grind out and level up was a solid choice but further on down the road it has become a realization that very few professions are relevant anymore. With this being said the few relevant professions left to attempt to build a bank roll off of have all been so saturated now with Bot program users (Mining and Logging) or other players trying to make a gold. Then some of the professions have been made useless at max level. Mining being one of these professions. It would cost you more to open the ore pouches because of the use of copper ingots being almost as rare as gold procs in game. Then the loot table being reduced so dramatically and recopies not requiring constant use of materials farmed from these pouches that its not worth it to even enjoy the fruits of labor and grinding to 230K mining proficiency. Probably like many other players I have specializations in many professions only to be very disappointed when realizing its not a profession but rather a trap. Crafted gear has been cast aside now all in all with the last useful items being necklaces for some builds only but now the new necklace just killed the handicraft market all together. The exception to this is carpentry since you get weapon proficiency different than melee weapon proficiency so obtaining an Erenor Bow/Scepter/Staff is not hard just mill log into lumber and you will reach your required proficiency. (Why Erenor? Because at legendary +21 Bow is better stated than a Hiram +20 Eternal Bow). Poor use of the infusion system has caused this problem. professions should have been needed to craft the infusions into materials needed for Hiram gear or Legacy style crafted gear. Crafted Gear needs to have the system revamped or materials cost reduction in order to make it somewhat obtainable in the current economy's promoted in game. The Immersion and lore for many players has been ripped away with many changes just not well thought out before being implemented. many players found it was very hard to "make a living in game". The way the system is set up for leveling gear rewards those players that are forced to break the rules and purchase gold in order to remain competitive with those players willing to break the rules to stay ahead. Major changes need to be made in order to have a chance at salvaging Archeage Unchained. DEVS need to step up and push for a better system or the Legacy of Archeage as a whole with simply become the meme for future Game developers to refer to in a negative scope. SAVE this Game. I have many thoughts and ideas on a better system and would enjoy contributing to the future development and evolution of Archgeage unchained in order to help save the game.

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    There are many players who really enjoy the crafting aspect of the game and are very unhappy about the way it's been gradually made less and less useful. I would love to see changes to the crafting system to make it viable again, and so would most of the other people I know. These players just are not as vocal as the group that focuses on PvP but there are probably a lot more of them.
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