So I'm trying to change the appearence of my basic melee costume to that of my Demon's Kiss Costume. I managed to make the demon's kiss costume into an image item but when I go to fuse it into the basic melee costume it's saying I need a "Bound fusion alembic". A regualr fusion alembic that is bought from either the general vendor for 20g or from the diligence store for 5 diligence coins do not work. The only way to obtain the "Bound fusion alembic" is through the ingame cash shop for 675 credits. I google search suggests this is a known issue as far back as October 2019 and that this is not intentional and was on the list of things to be fixed. Six months later here we are and I run into this. Did they change their minds and this is indeed intentional and I'll have to fork up $10 USD every time I want to change my costume appearence?