After 8 months of constant reports about harassment and about the vote kick being abused in arenas and instances by the same people, Gamingo refuses to enforce their own TOS stating that 8 months of reports with hundreds of screen shots documenting dozens of separate occasions is not enough evidence to do anything.

Gamingo also does not even use their own logs in their “investigation”, if they even keep logs of anything at all.

Their game and their support is a joke.

“While we are aware that the kick function can be abused, we require more evidence to take action against the reported players. We can not, based on the screenshots you have provided only, determine that the players initiated a kick vote for unfair reasons. We understand the frustration this might have caused you, however we require more evidence before taking further actions against each of those players.

Note that some of them have already been reported for harassment in previous tickets and if you receive further insults, you can report it to us, so that we can investigate the harassment with more evidence.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.