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Thread: Time to crack open a cold one! ????

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    Time to crack open a cold one! ????

    The info on the post is incomplete!
    It dose not tell us where to get the item if its in a zone which zone, not seeing on the market place.

    NO clue what the hell it is or how to get it.

    for new players they miss out on stuff because whoever writes the post don't not give any info where to start.

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    Starting from this Wednesday the 18th until Monday the 23rd make sure to get down and Daru with it with the After-Party Pack. Don your greenest garb and crack open the Potions with your very own furniture set, built to turn your house into the finest of townhouses.

    With 8 furniture items ranging from Bar Stools to huge Beer Towers, you’ll never be alone again whether you’re celebrating with your guild, your battlepet or the comfort of your thoughts. If the furniture doesn’t quite catch your eye, don’t forget that the pint-sized pesky pixie Ale Sprite is also included, and she will drink you all the way back to the starting zone!
    Included in this pack is:
    – Ale Sprite Soulstone (Legacy Only)
    – Bar Stool x 2
    – Brewery Cabinet
    – Bar Counter
    – Beer Jug x 2
    – Beer Tower x 2
    – Dye Ticket

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    someone in game just said the Pack will be in after Maintenance today[Thurs], well then the posted date is wrong if this is true,

    so I wasted 2 hours in game looking for something that's not even in the game

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    its in game already its $9.99 on the store page

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    Yes but have you also found out is it just one per account, or is it possible to buy it for both mains on EU and NA?
    Kyprosa, Anthalon & Kyrios & <3 Aier Forever <3

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