My wife and I play ArcheAge side-by-side, and we've been looking for a mount that our characters can ride together. We love our bunnies, and we want something as fast for two.

We did pretty well with the Kamari tiger, which was temporary. Now, in the Diligence Shop, there is a plethora of mounts that could possibly fit our bill. One problem is that no one seems to care to post how many people can ride each mount. We were surprised when we discovered that the Owlina can't.

I would like to know your opinions on the current offerings in the Diligence Store.

The most interesting for me at the moment is the Emberpaw Panther if it can take two riders. It can be upgraded to 13.2 m/s with legguards and saddle. I figure it's agile and not too bulky.

Similar can be said about the Stormwraith Kirin.

There is a Brave Bison, which seems good, but might be large and unwieldy.

Also interesting is the Golden Manticore. It has the bonus of gliding ability, but it's quite large.

Against these, at a much lower price, is the Black Reindeer, but it can't be fitted out to 13.2 m/s.

I wonder which you folks would recommend and which of them can handle two riders.