This might just be my unpopular opinion but I feel the stealth ability for shadowplay has been nerfed too much. I feel the way they had it before in alpha was waaaaaay more enjoyable than what they have now. Before you were able to use stealth and the cool down time would be about the same as the time the ability was active, as long as you didn't end it early. If you ended the stealth ability too early then you would still have to wait for the cool down time to finish and you were able to stealth again.

With the old stealth system someone could virtually stay stealthed forever if they just used stealth until the active time was almost over then used the stealth ability again to re-stealth before they were seen. A cloud of smoke would emit once the player re-stealthed though, so that the enemies would know where you were last. This mechanic was fair and it was probably the most fair way I've seen stealth done because I felt that it was fun for the player who used it but also the enemy could see where you were last if they just looked for the cloud of smoke that gave your position away before you re-stealthed or if they were close enough to you they could see your silhouette.

I would really like for them to bring the old stealth system back because I am not a fan of the new stealth system. The way it works now is just not enjoyable and not fair. I feel very vulnerable when Im not able to stealth around for as long as I want when I want to spy on the enemy or go on a scouting mission like I used to do in Archeage when it was in alpha. Please bring that old stealth system back and make stealthing great again.