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    Rock N' Scroll Event not on Legacy?

    Hello wondering if we will get this event on legacy, or if it is bugged and not working on legacy?


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    Legacy haven't afk-kick, so because of it. But ingame many ways to avoid it, like legal and not (for example sit in trial or open any chat and jamm one button by something heavy).
    Publisher wanted to release a event that will force players sit in home and farm event scrolls. But as always something went wrong...
    Reward must be for somekind activities, not for just being in the game.

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    Event Patch Notes:
    "For those of you on the Legacy version of ArcheAge, worry not! This event will be rockin’ its way over to you soon!"
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    As it is written in our blogpost here, the Rock 'N' Scroll event will be coming to the Legacy version soon

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    It will be?

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