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Thread: Keyboard not working

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    Keyboard not working

    So when i afk in the courthouse for like a hour my keyboard stop responding on the game client at all but works fine elsewhere like on a browser. i wouldnt be able to type this if my keyboard was just malfonctioning lol. it started happening after the rock'n scroll event since people started using the courthouse to afk idk if this issue was there previously.

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    It's happening because you glitch the system so the afk kicker does not work. And yes it is like that since AAU launch.
    The game would usually kick you but you cannot log out while (sitting) in court so you only get the "Can't exit the game during a trial" message in chat. And you can't use any skills anymore.
    A simple relog fixes it.

    PS: It is about time the afk kicker gets removed. The population has decreased a lot since we had queues.
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    And you don't even have to log all the way out, just go back to the Character Select screen. And I agree, the AFK timer needs to be done away with.

    It’s funnier in Enochian.

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    Click both your mouse buttons to get up if you haven't figured out how to get up from the pew to re-log/switch characters .

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