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Thread: Major Lag Issues Since Rock & Scroll Started

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    Major Lag Issues Since Rock & Scroll Started

    Ever since the Rock & Scroll event started I have had major lag issues that are severe enough to keep me from doing anything but the most basic, no risk tasks. There have been numerous d/c's due to lag even doing the bare minimum. It is heavily affecting my game play, and the issue is only with AAU. Every other game played in my household is perfectly fine. If this has something to do with the event and the fact that it encourages (whether intended or not) an enormous amount of 24/7 AFK players, then anyone in my position will be screwed for the duration of the event insofar as game play. I find this to be an issue, particularly since this is a long event. I know I am not alone in this; others have expressed the same issues. I think it should be addressed ASAP.

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    I have not experience any lag recently. However, it would be reasonable to assume there are a lot of characters logged in at all times during this event. Any event that has no cutoff at the maximum number of rewards per day is going to have this issue.


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