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Thread: Where are the tutorial quests?

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    Where are the tutorial quests?

    I'm a returning player, but feel new in some ways. I played first month of release, so it's been awhile. I recall some tutorial quests in regards to farming, building houses that seem to be no longer in game. Does this come later now? If they were completely removed is there anyway to learn how to do trade skills etc. in game anymore? I was thinking there was a salvaging system, but don't know how to go about it. Sorry if I'm mistaken about that. I've been hoarding a lot of dropped gear, would like to salvage if possible.

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    Tutorial quests like the construction /house building one are still there. The main Blue Salt Brotherhood tutorial quest line teaches a bit about farming (you get an 8x8 and 16x16 farm), alchemy, machining (you make a farm cart) and trading and starts at Solisa, Halcyona at Level 30. Your Race questline takes you to the same places as the Blue Salt Brotherhood one so just follow that.

    For other crafting professions, various Blue Salt teachers in Lilyut Hills (Nuia) or Tigerspine (Haranya) will give quests for advancing your skill in the relevant profession. There are a few other stand-alone quests that teach about various things eg Mysterious Smiths in your faction capital city teaches about printing and scrolls.

    There is no quest for salvaging that I know of, but it is not particularly complicated. Just buy an Evenstone from the general merchant and use it on the equipment you want to salvage. Note: there is a special type of salvaging for story quest equipment below level 50, for that you need an Adventurer's Evenstone, also from the General Merchant.

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