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Thread: Stealthy Treasure Hoarder (Hiram ring quest - Materials for the holy water)

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    Thumbs up Stealthy Treasure Hoarder (Hiram ring quest - Materials for the holy water)

    Ok, let me share my disappointing experience chasing this mob.

    From my research it only spams 2 times during war time in Diamond Shores. I've searched a couple of times during war time and i couldn`t find any . So i've guest it must be farmed by other players that reach that part of the Hiram Chosen Ring quest. I mean it is all ready very rare - to non existent. Last night i've taken the liberty to farmed my self so 5 min before war time was all ready on Diamond Shore on Nuia side. So war time begun and i start to run like crazy trough field spots where mobs suppose to spam. Just as precaution i tracked the mob name with / mop name. Finally got a target, but not alive, mob was dead on the ground despite at 07:AM was no one in Diamond Shore on Nuia side. Ok, i told my self maybe someone drop from glider, killed the mob, looted him and hide in stealth so quick i did not see him... hmm, i`m starting to imagine things. Fast i could with my upgrade Coldmane, i`ve dashed quickly to Haranya side, starting to tag again the mob with /mob name. Finally i get an alive target, as fast as i could , just when was in target range, thinking to my self at least i got one. Next thing that i saw bang, mob dead... no way, by ho ? An Abyssal mob was moving slowly away from the dead body. I've all most fall down from my chair laughing my a** out. How can be possible that Stealthy Treasure Hoarder mob take aggro from Abyssal mobs? No wonder they are so rare. Can someone please share your experience in hunting this fascinating mob?

    This part of the quest can`t stress my self enough that is so hard due to mob is so rare and so many players reached that part of the quest, now we have Abyssal mob competition also. Can we GET A FIX on this matter ? And Make`it priority NO 1 !!!

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    The mob no longer appears it seems at least I have not seen one...been doing the looking myself. From what I have read and looked at patch notes the item can be gotten from the dog mob in Hereafter Rebellion. Final Boss of the dungeon. Well at least you got a look at one. Seems the mob does appear and you need to clear the other mobs so it does not get killed. Again the final boss in Hereafter Rebellion is supposed to drop the item as well.

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    I've been farming DS on Haranyi during war a lot and have not seen any mob that wasn't the standard abyssal mob.

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    For info - the mobs around it do NOT attack it. It's other players killing those mobs. You just need to be faster. People have it on farm. I farmed mine early when the changes first came out.

    The mobs - Stealthy Treasure Hoarders - spawn at random the moment it goes to War. Use "/target Stealthy Treasure Hoarder" on copy and paste.

    There are only 2 per war cycle.

    They can spawn in the West side (Riven gate), West bunker, North ridge, East Bunker, and East Side (Glass Menagerie).

    If you don't want competition - then do Hereafter Rebellion.

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