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    Charybdis: one hour earlier
    Kraken: one hour earlier
    Leviathan: one hour earlier
    Black Dragon: one hour earlier
    Golden Plains Battle: one hour earlier
    Fall of Hiram: one hour earlier
    Red Dragonís Keep: one hour earlier
    Kadum: one hour earlier
    Lusca Awakening: one hour earlier
    Abyssal Attack: one hour earlier
    Delphinad Ghost Ships: one hour earlier

    With this time schedule I think people can still manage hiram dailies > halcy > kraken/charb/levi/dgs > ...
    The east coast players don't have to stay up past 1AM for levi contesting. The west coast players can still come home from work and attend hiram dailies > halcy > kraken/charb/levi/dgs > ...

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    So any updates on this? its been 5 months since this was posted. Nothing for NA but EU got changes. How long could it take to possibly determine from Feedback to change the timers? i think majority of people on NA could agree that it wouldn't hurt to make them a couple hours earlier.

    Though i doubt Gamigo has even revisited this thread. only update that we got was "We are still reviewing NA's Feedback" after EU had their changes. There are only 90 posts for the feedback on the changes. How hard is it to review 90 posts in 5 months.

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    Dead game the timers change pretty much put the nail in the coffin. They were never perfect and I couldn't imagine them getting worse then this happen. They need to be about an hour to hour and half earlier than what they changed them too.

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