Not so far for AA:U was expanded diligence shop. Was added stuff with designs of houses. Knowing how added structures works on legacy servers, I wasn't interested in it, while didn't found topic on reddit. There was described how is good mushroom house for AA:U, especialy because not affect by heavity taxes.
I was wonder and tested it, and yes, on AA:U taxes for Mushroom house works like for solar/lunar/stellar farms on legacy servers. You can have 10-100-1000 this houses and pay stable taxes 15 per one or 25 for upgraded version.
And now question to publisher. It's just a "feature" that works as intended or another one bug by gamedeveloper? Design of Mushroom House can be traded, it's not binds on pick up, like Pearl Aquafarm, that affected by heavy taxes, no restrictions in quantity of such designs for account.