Are you feeling trapped indoors and struggling against boredom? Well, your favorite games have just the event for you to get that adrenaline flowing! Beginning April 3rd at 7 PM UTC (12 PM PDT) and lasting until April 6th at 5 PM UTC (10 AM PDT), you will have an increased rate of obtaining Loot, Experience and Honor Points, as well as Vocation and Kyrios badges on ArcheAge.

Triple Trouble for ArcheAge Free-to-Play!
All ArcheAge Free-to-Play servers will receive an increased rate on the following:
2x Loot Drop
3x Vocation Badges
3x Experience Gained
3x Honor Points Gained
3x Kyrios Badges Gained

These events are piping hot and will flame out on April 6th, so get as much loot as you can cram into your bags NOW!

*The increased rate on Kyrios Badges will be removed from the event due to issues of it not working as intended and not granting the increased amount.