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Thread: Instant cast buffs

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    Instant cast buffs

    Is there anything in game that grants instant cast on any spell/attack?
    Like for sorcery meteor, or arc lightning? Or archery Snipe?

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    Drop Back (and its ancestrals) give instant cast effects to certain skills.
    Normal/Mist Drop Back give instant cast Antithesis (Vitalism), Flamebolt (Sorcery), Sunder Earth (Battlerage).
    Wave Drop Back gives instant cast Concussive Arrow (Archery), Mend (Vitalism), Insulating Lens (Sorcery)

    Ancestral Lightning Meteor is instant-cast, and Lightning Earthen Grip with enough points in Witchcraft is also instant-cast but otherwise no, there aren't ways to make those skills you mentioned instant cast.

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