Couldn't find anything on the internet, so I'll post my list here. If you have any others, let us know.


12 achievements to date. They can be found on the achievements table under:

General tab > Seasonal > Spring

Lantern Maker (2/2)
Craft 5 Sky Lanterns
Craft 10 Sky Lanterns
Wisp Extinguisher (2/2)
Repel Lantern Wisps x10
Repel Lantern Wisps x30
Steel Bar Delivery {quest x5}

Steely Supplier {quest x10}

Eilstin {buy the book}

Attend the Lantern Festival (3/3)
Complete "Crafting your Lantern" x10
Complete "Raise your Light" x10
Complete "Ward off the Wisps" x10
Lit Yata Lantern (2/2)
Complete "The Yata Lantern" x10
Complete "The Yata Lantern" x20